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jazz do it

Imagine the 1920s. The heyday of jazz, art deco, the beginning of color cinema. The show plunges the viewer into the "roaring twenties", when the life of the USA, France, Germany, Great Britain seemed like a frivolous dance in the "jazz age". So called this era Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

JAZZ DO IT SHOW is a jazz-style production with elements of modern choreography, vocals, passionate tango. The era of the 20s is recreated by professional dancers and actors, tightrope walkers and acrobats, artists of the original genre. The central scenery of the show plunges into the atmosphere of the times of The Great Gatsby: an airy chandelier with diamonds, a trampoline bed for acrobatic performances.

Glitter, chic, wealth of the 1920s are conveyed in costumes and images, dance genres of contemporary, jazz, lindy, hip-hop, breakdance and modern.

We invite you to feel this time: champagne flows like water, the party does not end!


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