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bon voyage

A lingering bass horn and a cruise ship takes off for the 1960s BON VOYAGE SHOW!

The production is designed in vintage style and inspired by the signature works of the brilliant choreographer Bob Fossa.

Old cameras, fitted dresses, white socks and perfect hairstyles for women, striped suits, shorts and jackets for men… the porter has already picked up your luggage and wishes you a pleasant journey!

The show involves acrobatic instruments: the Syrah wheel, a unicycle unicycle, a trampoline bed.

The time of vintage glamor is conveyed by artists of the original genre, vocalists, jugglers. Their performances are intertwined with contemporary dance styles, jazz, lindy hop, hip hop, break dance, modern, and pole dance elements.

Sensual dynamics, retro-style of the 60s, cheerful mood - this cruise wants to be repeated!


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