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juzeppe art hotel

You never know how events will unfold at the CIRCUS ART HOTEL JUZEPPE on a full moon.

Let's open the veil of secrecy - this night the Gothic Baroque and His Majesty Shaw will triumph! It will be headed by 28 professional artists, modern video art, play of light and shadow, live instrumental sound.

Everything about this hotel is a little off. The trapeze artists are connected by one chain... in the mouth, and the imposing signor on a penny farthing maneuvers a high wheel between acrobats and tightrope walkers to the hypnotic vocals of the vociferous sorceress Maleficent. The road to CIRCUS ART HOTEL JUZEPPE is lit by the masters of fire, meeting dancers, trumpeter and violin virtuosos with flames and on stilts. Can you imagine this?

How not to believe after that in magic and miracles? Just click on play. Yes, yes, now!


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